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Network Cable Technician


The continuous evolution of SD-WAN technologies combined with a plethora of vendor and carrier terminologies and architectures, made SD-WAN a difficult concept to understand and adopt. Our rich experience with legacy L2/L3 WANs and modern SD-WANs puts us in a unique position to help our clients select the right technologies and services when a WAN migration project is approaching. We can work with you on evaluating your current and future requirements, sizing new circuits, selecting the appropriate SD-WAN appliances, analyzing your security architecture and finally executing the migration project while managing your carriers and vendors. We offer a white-glove service where we go the extra mile to integrate the new WAN into your existing infrastructure. This includes assistance with reconfiguring existing LAN/Campus networks, remote access, 3rd party and cloud connectivity, and network services such as DHCP/DNS.

IT Infrastructure Assessments

Nivola Systems can help you assess your existing IT infrastructure in terms of design, performance, availability and security. In this fast-paced digital economy, IT budgets are rapidly growing and organizations are becoming more and more dependent on technology. As a leader, you need to ensure that this investment is well protected, and one way to do that is to guarantee that your IT infrastructure is functioning as it should be. The continuous evolution of cyber threats is also adding another level of stress to every organization. Nivola Systems will assess your IT infrastructure, highlight any issues and recommend the appropriate remediation. We can help you build a roadmap that can transform, secure and future-proof your IT infrastructure.

Business Meeting

Virtual CTO

When it comes to IT projects, business and technology leaders often get nervous about scope, timelines and of course, budget. IT projects are disruptive in nature and they can impact multiple aspects of the business. By working with us, we can be the trusted advisor that can help you vet products and services, work alongside your vendors and contractors and ensure that projects are completed on time, and on budget. We can highlight the risks before they become issues and we will help mitigate against those risks. Our 20 years of experience with IT projects ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations provides us with a deep understanding of IT project challenges, and allows us to follow industry standards when it comes to solution architecture, deployment and operations.

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